How to Survive a Fall (with gratitude)

Earlier this year, my partner and I moved to a new city and into a new (to me) home. As soon as we arrived, amid the unpacking and settling-in, I loved getting to know our new abode; it’s the same … Read More

The Magic 5

I talk about relationship with some people and I can see their eyes glaze over with the story of it: that it’s hard, that it’s work, and that like Pinterest, it may, possibly, involve a lot of mason jars. It’s … Read More

Design your Valentine

It’s two days from Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? Did you buy some flowers? Buy a card? Make a card? Make a reservation? Buy some lingerie? Get something waxed? Write a love limerick that includes the word ‘Nantucket’? SNORE. I … Read More

How’s Your Love Map?

  How much do you really know about your partner? I know, I know. You think you know  a lot. But really, do you? Would you be able to pass one of those Green-card government tests where you answer every … Read More

Six Seconds

I’m doling out all sorts of wisdom this week: yesterday I was talking about listenin’ instead of fixin’ – you can check out the video over here, and today, I want to celebrate Hump Day with some talk about Kissing. … Read More

New Year, New Relationship

Do you still remember the fight you had with your spouse just moments before dinner guests arrived on February 9th, 2013?  Can you recall exactly what your mate said when you mentioned that your anniversary had been forgotten? Do you … Read More