Ep 19 Alison Tedford: A Right Thing To Do

It was my honour to interview Alison Tedford and to be sharing that episode with you. Alison is an Indigenous business consultant and author from Abbotsford, BC. She is an expert in diversity and inclusion communications, a single mom and … Read More

Ep 18: Every Child Matters

In this solo episode, Tara Caffelle shares grief that has engulfed the city she lives in after the bodies of 215 children were confirmed to be buried on the grounds of Kamloops’ former Indian Residential School.  In future episodes, we … Read More

Ep 17 Tina Overbury: O My (Grief) Part II

Welcome to Part II of my conversation with Tina Overbury to talk about her one-woman show debuting later this month. The show is O My God and it will be available for all to screen on May 28th.  We talk … Read More

Ep 16 Tina Overbury: O My (Grief)

It was a JOY (it often is) to sit with Tina Overbury to talk about her one-women show debuting later this month. The show is O My God and it will be available for all to screen on May 28th. … Read More

Ep 15 Shelby Forsythia: Both Hands Open

This show is a lovely meander through grief with Shelby Forsythia, founder of The Grief Grower’s Garden and the author of Permission to Grieve. After losing her Mom at the age of 21, Shelby sought to heal and make sense … Read More

Ep 14 Dr. Martha Jo Atkins: Moving in and out of the spaces

It was such a pleasure to connect with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins, who has build an entire career from “moving and out of the spaces” of grief. Our conversation meanders to some beautiful places, and there is no shortage of … Read More

Ep 13 DeAnne Joy: No Deathbed Regrets

“Planning for death is a life-affirming act.” My guest for this episode is DeAnne Joy, a fellow soldier in grief and death, and like so many of these conversations, I felt we could have gone on for days together. We … Read More

Ep 12 Gillian Rowinski: The Grief of Parenthood

“There’s a constant stream of grief in parenting.” Some conversations are just always delicious and I have never not enjoyed speaking with Gillian Rowinski in the years that I have known her and we have stolen some time to connect. In … Read More

Ep 11 Erin Zimmerman: The Legacy in Grief

“We are here to fill the shoes of the dead.” Erin Zimmerman is one of those humans who just creates…space. She bounds with joy, she laughs easily, and she seems to make setbacks into stepping stones as she evolves. We … Read More

Ep 10 Jana Buhlmann: A New Definition of Grief

“Grief is what we are left with.” I consider it one of the greatest blessings of my work and my life to have conversations like this one. To have in front of me inspiration, and strength and a poetic, magical … Read More