Welcome, welcome, welcome!

How exciting! Big Life has a new website (you’re on it) and some big, fat plans to go with it. There will be the ‘yooj’ (as I like to call it): information, links and articles from the view of this Vancouver life coach (that’s me!), some relationship help for the various things and people you relate to, events and things you may want to be a part of, and tales from inside the Sizzle.

There will also be some learnin’! In my five years of working with clients as a life coach, I have come to discover many lightbulb-ish things and the biggest is that while I help my clients to step into their big lives, I get just as much insight from them – I fully believe they are in my life to take me somewhere, too. It’s a lovely little benefit to the work that I do. As I learn from the people with whom I get to work, you can be sure that I will share and allow you to learn as well.

I have also come to see that my Mission in this life is around reconciling the relationship that we, as humans, have to our bodies. Put simply, I am here to get you out of your own way. If you are not contributing to this world because of the size of your jeans or the number on the scale, then I have a Big Issue with that. You can expect lots of input from me on this. I promise.

So please, poke around, comment, let me know your thoughts. I thrive on connection and yummy authenticity, so I will always love to hear from you. I also would love for you to join our adventures by signing up for the Monthly Sizzle (AKA newsletter).


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