Surviving Family-ing

Oy. It’s here. The onslaught of holidays: ThanksgivingHalloweenChristmasNewYears It’s October, but Costco has had Christmas stuff out for several weeks, and I spotted eggnog at Safeway just the other day. What is up with all this? All the other hoopla … Read More

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Pinterest = Possibility Porn

I have a confession: I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. It could be worse. Years ago, my ex-husband and I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the shareholder meeting for Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway. We held some … Read More

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Leaning In

I’m always going on and on about how we are in relationship with everyone in our lives, from our barista at Starbucks to whomever we land with in bed at the end of the day, and I also know that … Read More

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Wisdom from a grandfather in a boat

When I was little, my family spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ cabin. It was about an hour from our house and we would drive there for the weekend so Dad could help Grampa with the property. I … Read More

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After Making Love: Why I Coach

I have a favourite poem and it has, on the surface, at least, very little to do with being a relationship coach. Or does it? After Making Love We Hear Footsteps  by Galway Kinnell For I can snore like a bullhorn … Read More

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50 Ways to Love Your Love

Love is a choice. I think as we go through life with our partners, it isn’t always sunshine and roses; sometimes we’re flipping the bird at our partner when their back is turned, or just enjoying that moment when they … Read More

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Relationships with Ghosts

As you read this (through the magic of technology) I am nearing the end of an epic hiking journey. I am hiking, for the second time in 10 years, the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. (If you would like … Read More

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Name it + move it

My clients are really wise. Each time we speak, it’s a dance-in-the-moment conversation where they speak out loud some of the most profound, insightful and inspiring things. Last week it was this: “In our session last week, I have to … Read More

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Notes on a Book

I am writing a book. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you don’t get to just declare that you’re writing a book without a whole lot of, well, writing (much like you can’t “declare” bankruptcy by yelling it out). … Read More

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Dying Wishes

I recently said goodbye to my beloved Basset Hound, Baxter. It’s been almost a month without him, and while that is a blog post on its own, I want to share some things I noticed in the letting-him-go-ness of it … Read More

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