I had the joy of starting work with a few new couples as their Relationship Coach lately, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend, and that is that what it’s actually going to look like to work with me is a bit of a mystery.

Sometimes people prep by scouring my website before I arrive, some work themselves into a bit of a nervous frenzy, and others are closed off until I march into the house and make myself (and the couple) completely at home.

I thought I would give a bit of a run-down on what you can expect if you call me to come sexify your relationship for an hour or two:

  • I will probably come to you – I prefer to work in person if you are in the Lower Mainland, for the first session at least.  I will likely bring my slippers.
  • I will come in, greet everyone with handshakes or hugs or high-fives, and this includes any exuberant pets you may have (I am an equal-opportunity pet worshipper).
  • I will not, no matter how much you may try to build a coalition with me, take sides.  I won’t.
  • I will dance with you – not literally.  Although, if that’s what is called for, we may actually dance.  What I mean is that I will ask questions of each of you and give you some places to look based on what you say in that session.  I will not have a script, I will just follow my curiosity and bring out tools I think may be helpful to you both.
  • I may say things like, “What was that like to listen to?” “What assumptions do you have here?” and “What do you need to ask for here?” – you may or may not want to answer me, but you will.
  • Nothing is off limits, and if you don’t bring up sex and intimacy, I likely will.  I’m not shy.

As I’ve written about here, having me, The Relationship Fairy, in the room, can free you both up to say what you need to say.  I’m a little like a 5 foot one bundle of courage you can borrow, so you can reach new places with your spouse.

I am excitedly looking for couples to join my practice, for anything from 3 to 6 sessions over the next 6 weeks.  It’s a great way to get primed for all that delightful holiday stress.

I only have space and time for 3 couples until the end of this year – if you know you want to end 2013 with a Sexy Relationship, it’s time to set something up.

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