Counting today, there are 40 days left in this year.

I will not tell you how many shopping days there are because I don’t care about that.  What I do care about is finishing this year with purpose and intention.

Think back to how you wanted this year to go: has it actually gone that way?

I was with a coaching client earlier this week – we are winding down some of our work before going full-steam ahead again in January,  This client has successfully reached every single thing they wanted to manifest this year; more success in business, a healthy and fulfilling relationship, balance, productivity, and a sanctuary to call home.  As we spoke, and I felt my eyes well up out of excitement and pride in all this delicious progress, it hit me; it’s all within reach if we just hold that it will be so.  Oh, and put in the work we need to.

And I am here to say that you have some time.

For most folks, forty days is a lot of days.*

It’s also 960 hours, and you will only be sleeping for about 320 of those.  That leaves 180 or so for your job, and 460 to do with whatever you please.  That’s 920 hours of Seinfeld reruns, or it’s time you can put to good use.

I would ask that you make those hours count.  Take even one item from that Wish List you dared to compose back in January and do it.  It’s not really enough time to lose 50 pounds (if that was what you wanted to do), but it’s time to mindfully hug your kids, to practice loads of gratitude, to find a way to give to the homeless, to try a new restaurant, to call your Grandmother, or to read War & Peace. 

What are you waiting for?

I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late.



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